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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who is Jumpin' Judy?

In 1997 my first grandchild was born.  He was a beautiful boy who immediately made my heartstrings curl around him like a vine.  It's amazing how a grandparent's heart expands to encompass every new little one that comes into their life.  There are now six little darlings that bring us joy and that first one is 14 years old.  When he was in preschool he learned a song called "Jumping Judy" and assumed it was about his grandmother.  It was one of the peppy songs that young children jump around and dance to as a form of exercise.  I have been known as "Jumpin' Judy" since then.  Lately I decided to Google the phrase and was amazed to find out that "Jumpin' Judy" is an old African American prison song that was recorded by Leadbelly among others.  Imagine my surprise!!

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  1. your 1st grandchild was born in 1996, not '97!!! And you forgot to put in how you waned to be called "grandmother" and he continually called you jumping Judy! Whether you liked it or not!