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Friday, May 6, 2011

My love affair with fabric

Quilters will know what I mean when I say I dearly love fabric--not every peice--but lots of it.  For a year or so I have been collecting bits and pieces of Barbara Brackman's designs based on the Arts and Crafts genius, William Morris.  I now have a stack of it and can't decide exactly what to do with it.  Right now I am still caressing it and leafing through quilt books and patterns trying to visualize how it might look.  Sometimes a quilt project has to simmer for a while before it speaks to me.
 Tonight I am mulling it over and thinking about
what pattern would show off the fabric designs
the best.  Since the fabric is so elaborate, I'm thinking the design needs to be fairly simple.

The colors are rich and the designs are flowing and flowery.  It's going to be special when I finally figure it out.
For now it's going back on the shelf while I wait for insipiration.

And here it is Friday night.  That means tomorrow Barbara Brackman will post her next Civil War block.  I will write about that tomorrow.

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